Working with you to create targeted, successful programs that will;
increase brand awareness and value, show appreciation for existing clients,
attract new clients, as well as recognize, motivate, and engage your employees.


Creative Brand-Building Solutions

Branded merchandise shouldn't be cheap swag that isn’t used; that reflects poorly on your company. It should be quality, high perceived, and professionally produced. If so, it can be an extremely effective tool for showcasing your brand by creating continuous repeat images to your target audience, which means a high ROI for your company - much greater than other forms of media.'

At J Gardner Collaborations, we go above and beyond just providing you with branded merchandise, we ask you questions, find out what you are trying to do, looking to achieve, or what problem you are trying to solve? Then we’ll provide you with creative, targeted ideas that match your needs within your requirements.

Using our proprietary process, we help create and implement a brand-building solution that is designed to increase market share by increasing awareness and visibility as well as brand recognition.




Custom Recognition Awards & Programs

Design and create a custom award and or recognition program with someone who knows recognition, understands continuity, and the different elements that go into these meaningful programs, including categories, levels and other proprietary criteria. We have been collaborating and creating successful custom award programs – for service and retirement, sales achievement, technology, safety, attendance and more – for over 30 years. Let us create one for your company!




Are you looking to re-engage your employees, and address their needs across all demographics? 

Thinking of redesigning recognition programs? How about combining them into one company-wide platform, taking them online, making them modular, completely flexible, and self-administered?

Talk to us about this exciting new technology and leverage the opportunity to engage your entire employee base with meaningful programs that track their achievements.