As our tagline states, Bringing People Together through Branding, 

Engagement, & Recognition, we have also 

collaborated to establish and create the following alliances and trusted 

partnerships, which expand our capabilities and help meet our clients' 



From The Desktop

Summit Group

Award Concepts

Garrett Consulting

Dogs at Work



From The Desktop

Provides administrative, billing and graphics support for J Gardner Collaborations.

Amanda Corey and her company, based on the belief "efficiency is often achieved by simply using your current tools to their fullest extent!", offers virtual assistance, bookkeeping, consulting, training and other resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the promotional products office.

Summit Group A large, industry-leading, experienced partner who collaboratively manages turn-key, online, branded merchandise, Company stores and recognition programs for J Gardner Collaborations.

Award Concepts

Outstanding manufacturing partner for over 30 years, creating the highest quality custom jewelry and accessories for service award, sales recognition, and other programs.
Garrett Consulting Instrumental coach, mentor, and teacher for over 10 years, Steve Garrett also runs his own leadership development and employee engagement consulting company, and is affiliated with major consulting firms, such as Career Systems Int’l. Steve can provide these services for J Gardner clients as well.

Dogs at Work 

A promotional marketing agency run by Andy Peabody, who is a huge creative mind and big-picture thinker, longtime friend, business consultant, fellow distributor & collaborator. Located in Maine, this partnership gives both companies the ability to offer clients national coverage and support for any of their programs.


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